Wholesale with hangers

Supply of hangers for new garments

Do you have a tailor's shop or workshop and sew shirts, jackets, trousers and other types of clothing? Let us know about you. We will help you not to fit in and supply matching hangers for your products. Your customers will be doubly pleased.
Luxury hangers for dressmaking salons

Delivery of hangers to shops

For your customers, we have prepared sets of hangers that they can take away from the shop neatly packed. We have also produced special gift packs for different occasions.
Luxury hangers for shops

Supply of hangers to hotels and guesthouses

Do you own a hotel, guesthouse or other accommodation facility? Accentuate your brand and equip your room wardrobes with luxury hangers with your brand. Be distinctive in every detail. A stylishly equipped dressing room will impress your guests.
Hotel hangers

Supply of hangers for houses, flats and offices

Are you offering a house, apartment or office for rent? Enhance the offered property to perfection. Raise its value by fully equipping the cloakrooms with luxury Mekko hangers. We will be happy to advise you on your choice.
Furnishing houses and apartments with Mekko wardrobe hangers

Supply of hangers for new buildings

Are you building or furnishing an apartment or house? Think about wardrobe and closet equipment. A unique collection of wardrobe hangers will underline the value of your new home. The luxurious and stylish Mekko hangers are suitable for any interior. They will stand out in both retro and modern living.
Collection of hangers for new housing
Wholesale with clothes hangers

We will offer you appropriate business conditions and attractive payment options. Of course, we provide product photos in top quality and all other product information in electronic form.

Contact us, we will supply you with samples of our products and agree on the terms of cooperation.