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Return back to the tradition of true closet clothes hangers

Firm material and thorough processing do not have to be a nostalgic memory of true craftsman only. In production of closet clothes hangers, design, robustness and functionality come first.

Tradition of closet clothes hangers
Luxurious Hangers  

Hanger lifespan is 30 year

We make Mekko hangers of  solid wood. Thanks to quality materials and  precise processing you  can count on them for tens of years.
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How and why Mekko was established

At the beginning, there was a need to hang the new quite expensive suit on the nice and firm hanger.

I wanted the hanger to offer sufficient support to clothing. And to be strong and withstand something. The usual hangers on the market did not meet such criteria. So this is the way how Mekko came into existence.

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Luxurious closet clothes hangers Mekko

We put emphasis on the value and good processing

Functionality is for us  a basic property, but every morning, each of us goes to the wardrobe to decoreate his/her personality. It is nice to take clothes from the hangers which are not only functional but also  nice.

Therefore we also put a large emphasis on their design. Quality surface finish has one more effect. Closet clothes hangers made of solid wood are so soft that you will not want to let them go of your hands.

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Closet Clothes Hangers Made of Solid Wood