About Mekko

Mekko is a manufacturer of luxurious closet clothes hangers. The project started with a purchase of one expensive suit. I held in my  hands elegant clothes and could not imagine to hang them on the hangers in my wardrobe.
About Mekko

The Czech market did not offer the hangers according to my wishes

So I started searching in the offer of closet clothes hangers here. I envisagedsolid material, firm structure and a high level of workmanship . Another criterion of the choice was also   nice design. I found out that it is impossible to buy such a hanger in Czechia.

I decided to make the hangers on my own 

They will look exactly as I wish and will meet all my expectations and also will satisfy other demanding customers.
Štěpán Rambousek - About Mekko

Without compromises

We were in need of finding materials which would hold the weight of winter coats, and at the same time, they would be gentle to the soft suiting. We did gradually tune the hangers so that they correspond to the different types of clothing. Due to strong steel hooks and special shape your clothing will be always hanging. It will never be lying on the floor.